Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

New Enamel Finished Red and Black 10" Full Size Ashes Urn

large red/black 10" Full Size Ashes Urn
 Enamel Finished Metal Alloy Cremation Urn - Red and Black
  • With the body entirely made of metal alloy, this is a large sturdy urn.
  • The streaked black pattern of the enamel trickles down seamlessly into the red, creating a harmonious balance of two opposing colors.
  • The lid screws on for secure closure and keeps its natural metal alloy shine.
  • Let this beautiful cremation urn provide an everlasting reminder of the love and memories you will always cherish.

Capacity: up to 200 cubic inches.
Dimensions: 11.40 H x 7.5 W.
Materials: Metal alloy, enamel.

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