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New Products Coming for 2021

New Products Coming for 2021

February 24, 2021 0 Comments

Our first blog. I'm no Hemmingway but I wanted to reach our customers. So here we go....

New Products Coming for 2021

1. We are working on some new products for 2021. You may have saw the Cremation Music Boxes we have coming. For the first time we have been taking pre-orders on a product. This method has been very successful. We are expecting the music boxes any day and already have 300 of them going out the door. We really love this product. The glass vessel inside of the box can be worn as a necklace. 

We tested these guys out at a few of our Chicago customers. The reaction from the end customer was almost identical in every case. The customer held this small, light, little box in their hand. They opened the lid and they SEE the glass vessel with remains. The start to READ the underside of the lid. Tears start to well up. We worked hard on what each box says. The music boxes were designed to almost seem as a gift from the deceased to the loved one. Then they inevitably start to crank the music box and the HEAR You are my Sunshine. The tears fall. A smile comes across thier face and they say, "I love it."

The 5 funeral homes we tested this product at gave the same feedback. Their customers 100% loved them. Like really loved them. Old, young and everyone in between. You see humans are tactical. They like to touch, hold something in their hands. This is why our cremation jewelry has been so successful. As you know... if you have some of our jewelry on display, you will sell it twice as much as having a paper catalog. People like to touch and feel and they love to hold these music boxes in their hands. We are really excited to offer a new product that we know will give the people comfort.

2. We have some new jewelry pieces coming any day now as well. Our best sellers are heart themed pendants. We added the heart shaped pendant pictured below. We will have multi colors. If you have wondered what are the best sellers... just ask us. We want you to be as successful as possible.
cremation jewelery

3. We also have a new project we are working on... Breaking news here... We are working on designing a windchimes that holds cremains. The cremains will go into the center piece that makes the wind chimes sing. We think it's pretty cool. I lost my mom this year and she loved wind chimes. I guess this project started off on that note. When coming up with new ideas like the music box and wind chimes we try to make them affordable. High quality but affordable. I don't know how many funeral homes we have spoken to that did not want to sell cremation jewelry because, "they tried before and it just sat around..." They tried us and now sell it like crazy. It's the price point. A customer will not be interested in buying one sterling silver cremation necklace for $200 but they will buy 4 for $200. This approach has worked for everyone. Us, our funeral homes and your customers. We take this approach with new products. Its got be cool. High quality. And it HAS to be affordable. Check the video and pics below for the wind chimes.
Stay safe out there and thank you for your business.