Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago


February 24, 2021 0 Comments

Rewards. Everyone has got them. The gas station, the pharmacy, even the kid selling lemonade. The one thing in common, they slow you down at checkout and you never seem to get much out of them. You know somewhere somebody is pouring over your grocery items you have purchased while you get 10 cents off a pack of gum. Seems one sided. That's my take anyway. 

I wanted to create a rewards program that didn't suck. So we did. Everyone gets rewards points. Sign up, get points. Like out Facebook page, get points. Have a birthday get more points. We have a customer that has saved 9,000 bucks thanks to reward points. Thanks for the biz Larry!!!

Check your points by click in the lower left of your screen on the icon that says "Check Your Reward Points"

Here is another pro tip... want to save even more? You got to subscribe to our newsletter. We are always doing crazy discount sales. Presidents day, St.Patricks day? Why not lets give 20% off...